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Tua Tagovailoa would choose to play for Cowboys if given the chance

If Tua Tagovailoa had his choice, he’d go from playing for one of the most iconic brands in college football to playing for one of the most iconic brands in the NFL.

In an interview with the NFL Network, Tagovailoa said he grew up a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and his ideal circumstance would include being drafted by the team in the April.

“We’ve looked at teams,” Tagovailoa said. “We’ve talked about teams. We’ve talked to teams. Somebody might trade up and you could possibly drop or you could possibly go higher. We’ve been talking about all those scenarios.

“If you’re saying to me, if I can choose what team I want to play on, as far as my favorite team growing up, then I probably tell you the Cowboys.”

Of course, the Cowboys aren’t exactly in need of drafting a quarterback with Dak Prescott in the picture and Tagovailoa acknowledged that Dallas is far down the draft order as well in holding the 17th overall pick.

“I’m not trying to bump him. I’ll learn under him,” Tagovailoa said of Prescott. “I’d handle it the way that the coaches there want to handle it. Honestly, I just want to be able play again. I wouldn’t mind learning under whatever guy that’s the starter. Give me a whole year to rest up and then go back out and compete, but I just want to go back out and play.”

Outside of the Cowboys placing the franchise tag on Prescott for one season and somehow drafting Tagovailoa with the intention of moving on from Prescott after 2020 campaign, there’s no logical reason for Tagovailoa to end up in Dallas. The one benefit beyond landing with his favorite team would be the year in the shadows to continue healing from the hip injury that ended his final year at Alabama. However, the Cowboys have been steadfast in saying Prescott is the team’s future at the quarterback position.